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Lafaro Insurance Agency Blog

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Kids are one of the most precious things to humanity. That is why we must do everything we can to protect them from potential harm and one the ways to do that is to make sure they are insured. If a child is responsible for causing injury or property damage, and the parent is being held liable, the homeowner’s insurance will respond to it. READ MORE >>

Most people might think that when their belongings are off the premises, then insurance doesn’t cover that item, but that is false. When an item is off the property, it is still automatically covered by homeowner’s insurance. READ MORE >>

Is it okay to hold out information from your insurance agent just to be able to get a better deal? There could be a circumstance where someone may not be providing a full disclosure of information seems innocent enough but beware that there could be ramification. READ MORE >>

There are unique challenges to insuring a log home. The construction characteristics of these types of structures can be a part of the challenges but not necessarily in ways people may think. If you’re dealing with handcrafted cabins made from raw lumber, those are typically fire resistant, many times, more so than modern-day frame houses. READ MORE >>

It’s no secret that paying insurance premiums can be such a source of frustration for consumers. That's partly because insurance is not a tangible product that you can touch or feel once its paid for; it’s a promise of service. It’s a unique product in that it tends to provide a sense of financial well-being and security to the purchaser. READ MORE >>

When was the last time you were asked the "cash or card" question? It turns out the question may not be as irrelevant as some people think, at least not yet. Modern day payment methods don’t require cash in hand anymore which makes it seem like everyone is now totally engaged in a cashless society. READ MORE >>

 In the state of Pennsylvania, one may not think that the occurrence of sinkholes is particularly common, or even existent. People generally tend to think of Florida which indeed has the highest sinkhole rate in the US. What may surprise many, however, is that Pennsylvania is ranked as one of the states with the highest level of annual damage from sinkholes. READ MORE >>

Useful tips in honor of Lost Pet Awareness month! Bad news for Lassie… There is a good possibility that there might be a downside to owning a K9 when it comes to your personal insurance. Before we conclude that the entire insurance industry is unfairly spoiling the party, let’s consider some facts about Fido in the family context. READ MORE >>

  We are honored when we are chosen to be an insurance counselor to properly protect clients. Tara Stonestreet, an artist/face painter, has written a testimony for Mantsch - Lafaro Insurance Agency for the services she has received from our agency. READ MORE >>

There is an approximately 84% of households that have vehicles. Many people need automobiles to get from place to place. Not only do we know how useful they can be, but we also understand the fact that  driving an automobile can be dangerous. READ MORE >>

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